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eHealth in Russia | Healthcare IT | AKSIMED Profile
О компании

eHealth in Russia | Healthcare IT | AKSIMED Profile

eHealth in Russia

AKSIMED Ltd. operates in the sphere of eHealth for more than 15 years. Over the past years AKSIMED has accumulated the wide expertise of development and installation of different types of Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and firmly became one of the leaders of the Russian eHealth solutions market.

The AKSIMED leadership is confirmed by the Diplomas from the Ministry of healthcare and social security of the Russian Federation received at the competitions “The best Hospital Information System” – 2009, 2010 and 2011. AKSIMED also ranks first in the List of the Russian HIS developers, issued by Frost & Sullivan within the framework of their Study of current eHealth situation in Russia.

The AKSIMED’s solutions and the opinions of the company’s experts are always taken into account by the editorial boards of CNews (the major IT-news agency in Russia), the medical magazine “Doctor and Information Technologies”, Russian versions of “Computer World” and “PC Week” when preparing the publications concerning the eHealth problems.

Healthcare IT

In the coming years the Russian Government will assign more than one billion US dollars for the Healthcare IT program in Russia. AKSIMED is ready to the increase of the demand from healthcare providers for IT-solutions and offers them a wide range of Hospital Information Systems of the AKSi-series. These systems include, in particular:

  • general comprehensive HIS “AKSi-clinic”;
  • the system “AKSi-reception office” designed for making an appointment with the doctor using the Internet and/or through the call-centers of the insurance companies;
  • the hardware-and-software unit “AKSi-kiosk” which fully automates the operation of the reception office;
  • the system “AKSi-connect” which manages the information flows between the medical institutions within a Region or a Department.

The AKSIMED solutions are actively used in the State and Municipal healthcare institutions, private clinics, departmental healthcare networks, multi-profile medical centers. Due to their modular structure, the HIS of AKSi-series are effectively used in GP offices, hospitals, recreation centers, prophylactic clinics and other specialized medical institutions.

The key clients of AKSIMED Ltd. include:

  • federal authorities — Ministry of Healthcare and Social Security of the Russian Federation, Ministry of the Interior, Federal Anti-Monopolist Agency;
  • federal Fund of the State (obligatory) medical insurance of Russia;
  • medical Divisions of “GAZPROM” state company;
  • one of the largest children’s hospitals – Morozovskaya municipal clinical hospital for children, Moscow;
  • research centers and clinics of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences;
  • new federal network of private clinics “MyClynic” established in partnership with one of the major European insurance companies – the Allianz Group;
  • the leading Russian recreation centers and sanatoriums, including “Vulan” health resort on the Black sea coast and “Chemal” sanatorium (the Altay Region).

The AKSIMED’s partners’ network includes dozens of companies throughout Russia. Among our partners, there are regional IT-integrators, PC and software suppliers, servicing and engineering companies.

AKSIMED cooperates with all leading international IT-vendors and, in particular, is a Russian partner of Microsoft corporation and Oracle.

In 2009 AKSIMED has launched and currently supports the on-line channel AKSINEWS.RU which is the first and Number One source in Ru-Net covering the Healthcare IT news in Russia and abroad.

AKSIMED is open for cooperation with foreign companies planning to come onto the Russian eHealth technologies and systems market, which is actively growing and perspective. If you want to contact the AKSIMED’s Department for the operations with foreign partners and clients, please fill in the following on-line form:

On-line Form

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